February 22, 2008

Bidirectional synchronization

The effort of blogging already seems to pay off as I start to get mails with interesting references to related work. Yesterday Miguel Garcia pointed me to his workshop paper Bidirectional Synchronization of Multiple Views of Software Models.

What I liked about the paper is its discussion of related work and the references that give a very comprehensive overview of the state of the art in this field, i.e., Miguel discusses with a bird's eye view approaches to solve the view update problem like program inversion, lenses, QVT, ATL and TGG (triple graph grammars, to be discussed in the future). Indeed, in my research on diagram editors I currently have to deal with the problem of reflecting changes on the abstract syntax level back to concrete syntax (and vice versa, of course).

Abstract of Miguel's paper:
Current best-practices for defining Domain-Specific Modeling Languages call for metamodeling techniques, which do not take into account the future use of such languages in multiview design environments. Tool implementers have tried a variety of ad-hoc techniques to maintain views in-synch, with modest results. To improve this state of affairs, a declarative approach is elaborated to automate multiview synchronization, building upon existing metamodeling techniques and recent advances in the field of function inversion for bidirectionalization. An application of these ideas to EMOF and a discussion of the resulting Declarative MVC software architecture are also provided. A significant benefit of the approach is the resulting comprehensive solution to a recurrent problem in the software modeling field.

I look forward to further external contributions!

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Anders said...

check out M. Antkiewicz and K. Czarnecki. Design Space of Heterogeneous Synchronization. http://www.swen.uwaterloo.ca/~kczarnec/gttse07.pdf