September 16, 2008

Visual Week up and running

The Visual Week in Herrsching, Germany is already up and running. Yesterday the Workshops Layout of (Software) Engineering Diagrams and Sketch tools for diagramming took place. I attended LED where I gave a talk with the title "Exploiting the Layout Engine to Assess Diagram Completions" (paper and slides). But I also really enjoyed the other talks that covered a wide range of topics from industry projects to sophisticated graph layout approaches. A highlight was the 3D UML Heuristic Challenge. We have been divided in several groups and had to solve given tasks. My group had to think about the differences in 2D and 3D usability heuristics and, subsequently, evaluate a given tool using the heuristics we just developed.

Today the ACM SoftVis conference has started and a graduate consortium took place (many exciting new ideas!).

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