July 15, 2009

Business Process Models

In the last weeks I have developed an editor for business process models with syntax-based user assistance as described in previous blog posts. A screencast of this editor is shown below:

The editor is provided for download as an executable jar.

Concepts and realization are described in S. Mazanek, M. Minas. Business Process Models as a Showcase for Syntax-based Assistance in Diagram Editors. Appears in Proc. of the ACM/IEEE 12th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS 2009), 2009. The original publication will be available at www.springerlink.com.

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Steffen Mazanek said...

I just want to add that there will also be a demonstration of this editor at the BPM 2009 conference in Ulm. I am really interested in the feedback from this community, i.e., the BPM language experts and tool developers.