July 14, 2008

Logic gates

In previous posts I already have discussed several visual languages like VEX, Trees or ER diagrams. These languages have in common that all of them are used by computer scientists. Of course, visual languages also exist in other domains (in fact, visual notations are much older than computers).

In this post I show an editor for a language mainly used by electrical engineers: Logic gates. This is a visual notation for logic expressions that can be used in the domain of circuit design. Expression languages normally are context-free (although often some kind of sharing is used that cannot be described in a context-free way).

Again my approach to diagram completion is applicable, so we get a powerful editor for logical expressions. Here is a screencast demonstrating its use:

I also provide this screencast at an extra site, if this one is two small. You can also download this logic editor as an executable jar (however, keep in mind that this is still a research prototype).

Finally, let me admit that in the last time the most posts have been related to my own approach. I hope you forgive me this way too restricted focus. I will soon attend ICGT and VL/HCC conferences and the LED workshop, where I surely get inspiration for other interesting topics. You might also consider suggesting topics you are interested in for discussion. Of course, if you want to write something about a fancy tool, I gladly publish your description here as a guest contribution.

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