July 12, 2008

Course on Visual Languages

I already have written several posts about our previous course on graph and model transformation conducted in autumn last year and the practical afterwards. Next autumn we will hold another course, this time directly on visual languages. We will discuss approaches to language definition like extended positional grammars, constraint multiset grammars, hyperedge replacement grammars, and, of course, metamodels. I look forward to report on these approaches here soon.

Similar courses and practicals have been conducted at several universities in the past (e.g. at Universit├Ąt Bremen (Berthold Hoffmann), CAU Kiel (Hauke Fuhrmann), RWTH Aachen (Manfred Nagl), Philipps-Universit├Ąt Marburg (Gabriele Taentzer)). I would appreciate very much any comments on the lessons learned while conducting these courses.

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